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climate trackers

From the young enthusiast environmentalists of this Earth 

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We have won The Pivot  Award for the year 2019-20 from England's Global Social Leaders-Global Goals for our Work for the Environment!

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Who are we?

“Global warming is not a conqueror to kneel before - but a challenge to rise to. A challenge we must rise to.”

From the team

we are a team of students on a mission to find ways to save our planet earth.

Kevin Prince

Indian Educational School, Kuwait

Joseph Joe P.

Indian Educational School, Kuwait

Aaron Anil T.

Indian Educational School, Kuwait

M. Mujtaba Ali

Indian Educational School, Kuwait

Kiran Varghese C.

Indian Educational School, Kuwait

Andriel Remi V.

Indian Educational School, Kuwait

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the world is  heating up every second. the worst part? people just don't realize it.

Icebergs are melting. Animals are losing their homes. Forest fires are breaking out. People are getting skin cancer and dying from it by the thousands. 

All because of Global warming. But the blame of unleashing this beast lies on one organism -only one of the 5 trillion or so organisms.

This one organism which stands to take the blame is none other than us humans.


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